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What is Alcantara Read

Alcantara, what is it - genuine leather or artificial fabric? It is made from ultra microfiber. This is an artificial material that is not yet 50 years old. In this short time, it spread throughout the world. 

Description and characteristics  

According to the description, the matter is similar to suede, they are often confused. Alcantara fabric is a faux suede. It was created in Japan in the 70s of the last century. Now alcantara fabric belongs to the company Alcantara SpA It is an Italian company that makes only this material. It is also produced in other countries - Turkey, China. But after Italian, Korean is better than the rest. In Korea, this suede is loved and is often used. 


The fabric is 80% polyester and 20% polyurethane. Performance may vary: 65% polyester, 35% polyurethane. Non-woven polyester is obtained from microfiber processing. Non-fiber polyurethane is used. Alcantara properties: has a pile shorter than artificial suede; more elastic than natural leather; form-stable, wear-resistant; allows air to pass through, does not retain odors; pleasant to the touch, silky and soft; safe, environmentally friendly; not allergic, not harmful to health; does not fade under ultraviolet light, retains a bright color; resistance to many chemicals. 

The advantages of this matter: ease of care; self-healing of villi with mechanical stress; resistance to snow, wind, sun, rain, fog; easy to repair; easy to process when cutting and sewing; refractoriness. The presence of certificates confirms the quality of the fabric. It is the best natural leather substitute. 

Where use 

Alcantara material is used in various fields: sewing clothes, making shoes; jewelry industry; interior of yachts, boats, helicopters, airplanes; furniture manufacturing; production of pillows for woodwind instruments; car interior upholstery; handlebar trim for professional riders to prevent slipping; interior decoration of expensive hotels, restaurants, casinos.


Types of fabric 

Alcantara, what is this material? There are several types used in the automotive industry:
Panel - does not have a backing, it is wrapped around the dashboard, racks, ceiling;
Cover - with textile backing for seat upholstery; 
Formal - textile backing for seating;
 Soft - with foam backing for uprights and ceilings. 
Self-adhesive Alcantara is an option for quick and easy repairs. It is denser, the villi are shorter. It is easy to look after her. In winter, it retains heat, in summer it does not. 
It is easy to work with such a canvas. It is enough to make accurate measurements, cut a piece with a margin and you can start the process. For better fixation, it is recommended to place the spare part under the casing. 
Flock Alcantara is a velvet-like fabric in feel. It absorbs moisture, but does not let it in. You can get rid of the water by wiping the area with a dry cloth. Used for upholstering mattresses or making mattress toppers. There is a variant of this fabric called sport alcantara.

Tips for choosing 

Alcantara or leather - which is better: The cost of leather is higher, sometimes it is easier to buy Alcantara seat covers. These materials work well with each other. You can save money by using both. Minus natural leather - heats up quickly under the scorching sun and creates unpleasant sensations for the driver. Alcantara is recommended for living in hot climates. To maintain the appearance of leather seats in the car, you have to constantly wipe them with a special cleaner. This also costs money and time. Alcantara is easier to care for. Not every leather is suitable for upholstery. Better to choose a special car option. 


Alcantara or eco-leather, which is better 

The eco-leather lining is made of cotton, the upper part is polyurethane. This promotes good air exchange. Alcantara, especially perforated, is also very breathable. In order for eco-leather covers to fit well, they must fit snugly. The products of unscrupulous manufacturers will creep out in six months. Eco-leather requires even less attention when leaving. It is wiped with a damp cloth. Alcantara is more expensive. To save money, it is better to choose eco-leather or combine these materials, they look good together. There is no unequivocal answer which is better: leather, eco-leather or alcantara. Someone wants to save money, someone is important for prestige and status, for some, only quality is important. 
When choosing a color, it is worth relying on personal wishes and care information. Popular fabric colors are black and beige. Light shades require frequent care. Frequent rubbing with dark clothing will cause stains. Therefore, additional covers are recommended for light upholstery. If you want bright colors, consider the color of the car and other parts of the interior decoration. All this must be combined with each other. The velor fabric is also velvety to the touch. It is inexpensive, but has no special advantages. It is pleasant to sit on it in any weather, easy to clean.